Home Inspections are important for all homes

I just performed a Home Inspection in Glenview for a $1.3 million home and in the far reaches of the attic there was mold.  I had to crawl through the insulation to get under the ductwork to check out the entire attic and low and behold, mold was lurking in the far corner.  It was serious enough to require removal of a large section of the roof (shingles and all) for replacement.  This home was only 5 years old. The culprit was lack of ventilation in that section of the attic.  The moral is, make sure you get an inspector that will go the extra mile to check things out for you. Most inspectors would have never found that. So get a good inspector for any home you buy.

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  1. We are very picky buyers. For 2 years, we’ve been looking for the perfect home and we found it in the perfect neighborhood. It’s a newer home, expensive but we can afford it, less than a year old. Everything was perfect…. agreed on a price and then the inspector found mold spreadout the attic sheathing and on some trusses throughout the north half of the attic. We were devastated.

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