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I am in the process of placing my IL Realtor License on hold due to the cost to maintain it. I am focusing on my Home Inspections and Remodeling aspect of the business. I will also be moving my business to the Rockford and Freeport areas over the next few months so keep me in mind for anyone needing a Home Inspection and/or renovations/repairs in those areas.

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Remodel Jobs

In between Home Inspections I do complete some remodeling jobs. Just completed a bathroom in Arlington Heights that had walls and floors of ceramic tile that I had to rip out. I rebuilt the leaky shower base and tiled it in a stone look then tiled the entire floor in a 2′ x 2′ honed sandstone.  I also tiled the shower walls with a nice tile that had a cool border. I should have pictures in the renovations section shortly. The painted walls are a funky green that was chosen by the client. The whole job sure turned out nice.

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Remodel Job From Storm Damage

Paul,  THE HOUSE LOOKS AWESOME!   I love the job u did.  Thank you a million times over!

Penny of Wheeling

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Home Inspections in Chicagoland

I am installing new software for my Home Inspection Reporting.  This will allow me to produce the report on-site (via e-mail) once the inspection is complete. I will be offering special deals on Home Inspections during my learning curve of using the new software. Call me for details.

(847) 707-0841

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Home Inspections for the NorthWest Suburbs

I do top notch Home Inspections all over North-Central and Northeastern Illinois as well as the Northwest suburbs of Chicago.  I also cover the Rockford area. Home Inspections are an extremely important part of the home buying process.  Make sure you know what you are buying!  Get a Professional Home Inspection not a “cheap” one!

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Home Inspections are important for all homes

I just performed a Home Inspection in Glenview for a $1.3 million home and in the far reaches of the attic there was mold.  I had to crawl through the insulation to get under the ductwork to check out the entire attic and low and behold, mold was lurking in the far corner.  It was serious enough to require removal of a large section of the roof (shingles and all) for replacement.  This home was only 5 years old. The culprit was lack of ventilation in that section of the attic.  The moral is, make sure you get an inspector that will go the extra mile to check things out for you. Most inspectors would have never found that. So get a good inspector for any home you buy.

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Investors Needed For Foreclosed Properties

There are still many, many foreclosed properties out on the market.  I need Investors to help purchase these homes for renovating to flip or rent.  I will find you the best deal and give you a price for me to renovate the entire home.  I will be a contractor or a partner. Now is the time to act!  Prices are low as well as interest rates.  Homes under $200k are moving in this market.  I also deal with HUD homes.  Call so we can discuss the possibilities!  Paul (847) 707-0841

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Rent-to-Own Homes in the Northwest Suburbs

If you are wanting to buy a new home but find that you can not finance it or have credit issues that prevent this, you need to consider a Rent-to-Own home.  This allows you to rent the home of your dreams while building your credit rating back up or saving for that down payment. If this is of interest to you then check out the details in my SERVICES section of my website.

You can always call to discuss the possibilities.
Paul (847) 707-0841

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Thanks Paul

Paul, I just wanted to thank you for the quality home inspection.  I was impressed with your knowledge about the items in the house you inspected for us. My friends and I could not figure out what some of these things were or how they worked, but you were able to explain and demonstrate them all.  I can sure tell that you have been doing this for a long time.

Thanks again,


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Don’t forget the Home Inspection!

Home Inspections are a vital part of the home purchase process.  It is also a vital part of selling your home.  Don’t put your house on the market without a pre-listing Home Inspection.  This process will help you find problems that you never knew existed and allows you to remedy them before someone makes an offer and has a Home Inspection performed just to find the problems that you could have avoided up front.  Your potential buyers will be more impressed if the Inspection finds no problems to be concerned about.

For the best Home Inspections with competitive pricing, call me for an appointment or just to discuss.

I also Inspect investment properties and bid on the rehab cost.

Call Paul at (847) 707-0841

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