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I am a licensed Home Inspector for the state of Illinois
(License number 450.000895).

I am a former Home Inspector for HARMONY HOME INSPECTORS, INC. of Huntley.  That company decided to move on to other challenges and closed their doors back in 2010 after many years of providing the best Home Inspections in Northern Illinois.
I have continued my involvement of the business under SHARP RENOVATIONS, Inc. (entity # 451.000915)  and remain dedicated in providing the highest quality Home Inspections you can get.  I will give you the  personal attention you expect and deserve in a Home Inspection from a professional.  I will give you all the time you need for questions and answers during and after the inspection.  I encourage you to participate so you can ask these questions and understand the functionality of your potential new purchase.   I do my inspections at your pace.  My reports are NOT a checklist type.  I give narrative descriptions of the condition of the components.
My inspections are not a quick walk-through.  I am thorough and spend around 3 hours on an average size home and my reports are detailed (see sample below).  I want YOU as a client to be fully educated on the condition and functionality of the home you are about to purchase or sell.  This is, after all (if you are buying), one of the major purchases of a person’s life.  You need to know what this home is all about.
I am also available for questions after the inspection and long after your purchase for as long as you own your home.     See my references below.

For quick response, contact me:
office  (815) 669-5601
cell      (847) 707-0841.

Certified by the International Association of Certified Home InspectorsI am a member of InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors).  This association is very vigorous on Continued Education.  They require 24 hours of CE per year where the State of Illinois only requires 6 hours per year.  I follow the ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) standards on my inspections. I am a thorough and complete Home Inspector.


My scheduling system is online (click on the “Scheduler” tab above).
The “AGREEMENT” is sent as a link to you to be approved and accepted electronically.
The inspection is performed on a smartphone when possible.
The report is in a PDF format and a link is emailed when complete.
Invoices/Receipts are emailed as a link shortly after the inspection.
(I always offer manual processing for my clients that do not care for the internet or do not have access).

Here is a sample of my Home Inspection report.  Click here–> 010115SAMPLE  to view it.
No Checklist reporting here!

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is my experience with home building and renovations. Renovating homes gives me an extraordinary amount of knowledge because I have to tear into the guts of a house and I need to understand everything I find so that I can repair or replace what problem items that I might find.  My personal home for 27+ years was over 130 years old. When I was finished renovating that home it was like a new home. The only evidence that it was old was the stone foundation and the low basement ceiling.

I cover the NorthCentral cities of Illinois such the Rockford, Freeport, Belvidere areas and Lake Summerset.
(if accessible) the roof,  the attic and the crawlspace. I test all accessible doors, windows, lights, fans, water heaters, furnaces, A/C units (seasonal only), water dispersing devices, sump and ejector pumps, electrical panels and appliances.  I check all visible drain/waste line for leaks.  I check foundations, joists, columns, beams and anything that supports the building that is visible. I will describe and/or explain any or all aspects of the mechanics of the house so you can understand your home.  Knowing the details of the home and how it functions will help you maintain it for many years of safety and enjoyment.
I am not a termite, lead or mold inspector, but if I see anything that indicates the existence of these subjects I will recommend a professional inspection in that category.

Here are some interesting picture from my Home Inspection and Rehab ventures….



Being a builder, Renovator and Re-modeler I have extensive knowledge on the ins and outs of a home.   My motto is to “Do each Inspection as if it were for family”.   If you consider other Home Inspectors be sure to ask about their experience .  You will find that many inspectors get their knowledge from text books and others are specialized trade people like plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, etc.  where I am hands-on with my renovations and that gives me a very rounded, broad education and experience.
In the plumbing arena I work with galvanized, copper, PVC, CPVC, ABS, gas (black) and cast pipe.
In the electrical arena I work with Knob and Tube, Romex, BX, Greenfield, rigid and thinwall EMT conduit.
In the HVAC arena I work with furnaces, boilers, water heaters, (tankless and tank type), flex and solid ductwork, humidifiers, etc.
I know what makes a house tick (or not tick) and what to look for and how to correct problems that are found.  You can be confident in my knowledge and experience.

So if you are still “shopping” be sure to hire someone with experience and knowledge and they should be able to give you what you expect and deserve.



My standard price for a condo (ones that look like apartments) is $200.  An average single family home or townhome that is around 1,000-2,000 square feet with 2-3 bedrooms and 1-2 bathrooms is $250.
Larger homes will be priced based on the on-line scheduler if you use that or from our conversation if you choose to call to discuss.
Distance to travel will also be a factor for locations that are 30+ miles from the office. This will be locations West of Freeport, South of Byron and East of Rockford.
This is calculated in the on-line scheduler.

If the house has more than one heating/cooling system I usually charge $50 per unit more.  Please call for exact pricing.

The average Home Inspection takes around 3 hours depending on the condition of the house and questions you will have and I do encourage my clients to follow me around and ask questions as much as you want.   After all, this inspection is for YOU!  I will never rush you through any of my inspections.

View my “Testimonials” in the right hand column of each page to read from some of my clients.  Most of the testimonials are from my Home Inspection clients.

If you are shopping for prices I will be the first to tell you that you can always find a lower price, but remember, you get what you pay for.

Please call to discuss in detail or to ask questions.

Paul  –  Office (815) 669-5601,  Cell (847) 707-0841.

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Below are some names and numbers of people who have used or are currently using my services or refer my business to their clients.  They are available to answer questions from anyone that would like to find out more about me:

Larry Keen,   US Realty    (847) 902-1754

Jan Hering,  ReMax     (815) 978-9060

Michael Simpson,  Lifestyles Real Estate   (847) 909-9343

Brian Fragassi,   Code Inspector   (847) 340-0402

Julie Dunton     Coldwell Banker Realtor  (630) 531-0107
Julie was kind enough to give me a nice review in LinkedIn.  Here is a copy:
“Paul is excellent with clients. He can deliver bad news and not panic a client.
He is extremely knowledgeable about construction.
He is aware of typical and untypical issues that can affect a home.
I have found him to be honest, timely, competitively priced, easy to get along
with, professional, and he is my favorite home inspector.
I am confident that he is an asset in any transaction for all concerned parties.
Thank you, Paul for being my home inspector!”
Service Category: Home Inspector
Year first hired: 2007 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

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