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This page is for my fellow
Lake Summerset’ers.

My wife and I purchased property here at Lake Summerset back in 1995 with the intentions of building a home some day for retirement.  Well, it happened a little earlier than expected. My parents were already retired and they liked the area so much that they convinced us to build a place with them on our property so they could retire here.

We built a beautiful, cozy little place of our dreams and their dreams. Yes, it is hard to believe but we all agreed on the design and built the home starting in the Spring of 1998 and received our occupancy permit in late fall of 1999.

My wife (fiance’ at the time) and I were
married in front of our beautiful stone
fireplace in the fall of 2000.

Both of my parents have passed on since then so we decided to try pre-retirement here at the lake and we made a permanent move late summer 2012.


I quickly found that I am not ready to retire (nor am I eligible).  As you can see from my website I am a licensed Home Inspector for the state of Illinois as well as a renovator and handyman.

HOW CAN I HELP YOU?  I am very interested in helping my fellow residence with any needs you may have. I offer inspections, repairs, remodeling and house watching for our many Snowbirds and weekender’s.

I can keep an eye on your house and notify you (or someone you designate) if the inside temperature drops to a freezing concern. I can set up thermostats to do this without even entering your home. I would visit your home every two to three days when the outside temperatures drop below freezing and send you an email or text with my readings of your inside temperatures if you prefer.

If you have year round Wi-Fi I can set up a thermostat that you can view and adjust your homes temperature from your computer or smart phone from ANYWHERE!

I can also do work on your home while you are out traveling the warmer places.

You can even call me to check your house if you think you may have forgotten to do something like close the garage door. I bring that one up from experience.

I’m always open for other ideas that you may come up with to help make life easier for you here at “The Lake”.

Please call with any questions that you may have.
My cell is (847) 707-0841   My office number is (815) 669-5601

2 Responses to Lake Summerset

  1. Joe & Peggy says:

    We wanted to thank you and suggest you use us as a reference anytime! I’m very pleased with finish drywall work in our living and the plumbing install/change for 1/5 bath & laundry area. Peggy & Joe 5-27-14

  2. Dina says:

    Sharp Services home inspections is what we found when doing a search for “Home Inspectors Near Me” and I found this video: and we were so thankful for inspecting our potential new houses.

    Our family is very thankful for the extremely valuable reports that Paul gave us in the home buying process in Lake Summerset. We were new to the area and because Paul is local he had a great understanding of the homes here and was valuable when it came down to narrowing down options and pricing.

    We left a more in depth review here:
    Our other family members who moved into Durand Il also used Sharp and were really impressed.

    Thank you Paul!

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