I remodel kitchens, baths, basements, etc.

I also buy homes to renovate and build new homes.

Below are some pictures of past projects large and small.  I build houses from the ground up and I tear them down to rebuild on the same foundation.  There are pictures of a condo that burned out and I gutted and rebuilt it to better than new.


I am always looking for investors to help finance my projects.  You can be silent or  I even partner up with people that want to get their hands dirty and help with the renovations.  If you are interested in either of these please give me a call so we can discuss.

I have connections with wholesalers that find homes at a deep discount and are usually in dire need of repair.  Since I am a renovator I can give you a bid on repairs for any property that you may want to purchase.  Also, since I am a Home Inspector I can tell you what the condition of the property is and I can base my bid on my findings.
This service is available for a small fee unless you hire me to do the repairs or become a partner for that particular purchase, then it’s free!

If anyone wishes to take on their own project to purchase and renovate their own home or purchase, I am available to consult on the entire project as needed.  I can help you or just guide you (or both) with your project.

I use licensed electricians and plumbers for the big jobs and my company is fully insured.

I started off doing renovations back in 1976.  I was fresh out of the military and looking for a place to live and work on myself to save money.  My parents bought three houses in Elgin that were going to be torn down.  I did have some handyman experience prior to this so they asked me to help move them across town (across the Fox river) and renovate them.  I had to learn everything about a house at that point because we did everything to those houses (excluding the foundation work).  Since that time I have completed many, many renovations, remodels, new construction projects and Home Inspections.
Pictures of some of those projects are below. They are quite interesting.

My personal home for 27+ years was built in 1885.  So I do love to Renovate older homes. My current home was built in 2000 as a summer home and I did build it myself with family members.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Paul (847) 707-0841        office (815) 669-5601

This is what you look like after a hard days work in the rehab business.
(Courtesy of my wife)

I know….  I should have been wearing a mask!


Below are picture of some of the projects that I have completed over the years.
Click on the first picture of any box and it will expand.  Click on the computer icon at the bottom to start (and stop) the slide show.
You can also click on the bottom right icon to expand to full screen.  That is definitely the best option.


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